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Posted May 6, 2014

Government data shows consumers benefit from
competitive electricity markets

An analysis of data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration conducted by the COMPETE Coalition found that consumers in states with competitive electricity markets generally pay lower prices for electricity than they did 17 years ago, while consumers in states without competitive markets pay more.

The study looked at electricity prices between 1997 and 2013; 1997 was chosen as the starting point because it marks the beginning of electricity restructuring and the start of customer choice.

Adjusted for inflation, consumers in states that offer retail electricity choice paid 3.6 percent less than in 1997, while consumers in traditionally regulated states paid 8.2 percent more.

The COMPETE Coalition is 763 electricity stakeholders — customers, suppliers, generators, transmission owners, trade associations, technology innovators, environmental organizations and economic development corporations — all of whom support well-structured competitive electricity markets for the benefit of our country.




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