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  • Plans and Pricing

    1. What is a fixed price plan?
    2. What is a variable price plan?
    3. Why do some plans have a cancellation fee?
    4. What is slamming?
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  • Enrollment

    1. How do I enroll for PPL EnergyPlus?
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  • My Account Information

    1. Do I share an online account with my spouse, partner or roommate, or should we have separate accounts?
    2. How does PPL EnergyPlus keep my information secure?
    3. How do I notify you if there are changes to my account?
    4. What information does PPL EnergyPlus have about my account?
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  • Energy Efficiency

    1. How can I save energy?
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  • Why PPL EnergyPlus

    1. Who are you?
    2. Do you have a license to operate in Pennsylvania?
    3. How are you different from my local electric utility?
    4. Why should I choose you as a supplier?
    5. What if I have more questions about my bill or electricity supply?
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  • Switching

    1. What is the Price to Compare?
    2. What will happen after I switch suppliers?
    3. Why can I switch electricity suppliers?
    4. Why should I switch?
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  • Electricity Choice

    1. How can I learn more about electricity choice?
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